Dear 2020,

Calling you “dear” is an elite form of rebellion. You are everything but dear to me.

Parley said: Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write.

So here I am, staring at this blank piece of paper, trying to form words from all the grief you…

My last Amal session was filled with happy smiles and sad tears. We were all unfortunate to leave the beautiful institute that now lives in our hearts forever. But at the same time, the ecstasy of knowing that we won’t be getting up early at the next weekend was surreal.

My first two weeks at Amal were full of surprises and excitement. I wasn’t familiar with this method of teaching and I was thrilled to find out about so many interesting activities.

Now, I am someone who shares her life with her friends but none of my friends were enrolled…

My Amal journey started with a cup of tea on a Friday afternoon. Our PA and PM arranged an ice breaker session for us before the session so we could get familiar with each other.

I am still trying to digest the fact that this journey will end in only…


During our Amal Journey, we have been given the task to collect funds for Edhi Foundation. The purpose of this activity is to challenging our problem-solving skills to accept failure. The activity had to be carried out by the whole batch in their mega circles. …

I was very excited about this project because it is an excellent way to increase productivity and quarantine has made me very lazy.

Task # 1: Morning Walk

Goal: To not use the phone during walk

The first task I lined up for the day was the morning walk. I…

A Gratitude Letter

My life has been a series of events; good, bad, painful, shocking incidences that have shaped me into the person I am today. In my life journey, there have been a lot of people who told me “You will not thrive because you are too sensitive,” or…


a lost soul

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