Taking Flight

2 min readOct 23, 2020

My last Amal session was filled with happy smiles and sad tears. We were all unfortunate to leave the beautiful institute that now lives in our hearts forever. But at the same time, the ecstasy of knowing that we won’t be getting up early at the next weekend was surreal.

The session began by surprising our facilitators with the famous ghost challenge. The whole batch dressed up in white sheets and black glasses turned on the cameras, and our PM erupted into laughter. Though we looked silly and a little bit deranged as well, the happiness on our facilitator’s face was worth it.

We then transcended into our treasure hunt challenge, which was really fun and exciting. Solving riddles, looking for answers in my house, and clicking the selfies gave me an adrenaline rush. That was my favorite activity in the whole Amal fellowship.

The discussion afterward steered towards our future goals and plans after fellowship. I am moving back to the hostel(finally), so I am thrilled to be back at my university again. I am going to challenged myself to interact with people more. The networking tips from the PASSENGER series will come in handy for sure.

The productivity course and Pomodoro technique are going to help work at my best in any situation and I am very happy I was able to discover that.

The stories of my Amal fellows have inspired me to be a better person. I developed a deep emotional connection with some of the fellows, and now it feels like we have known each other since forever. We will stay in touch with the help of the internet (bless the inventor of Whatsapp). We are planning a meet up as well.

I might be saying goodbye to Amal, but I know it will live in my heart forever, and the things I have learned here will always be a part of me.

(For the very last time)

With Love,